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From your first staff contract to full legal compliance,
our experienced HR support gives you the freedom to succeed

Let qualified experts take care of your HR

HR function, bureaucratic procedures, staff management in Japan are complicated and thus impinge negatively on real work. Why not tap into the experience of SSKC who have put these practices in place?

SSKC makes that your reality.

When you partner with SSKC, we take care of everything regarding HR in Japan. If your business has no employment contract in place or should it be outdated, we will work with you to create an appropriate contract that meets the needs of your business.

With SSKC your HR cover works just as hard as you do.

Five simple steps towards the best HR

To build on your success, your small business needs five essentials in place. We take care of each one for you, updating them every time the laws change.

The small business owner’s HR choice

Why do a vast number of business owners across Japan rely on SSKC?

Because our consultants are highly skilled (CIPD-accredited ), bilingual and very familiar with how to deal with employment laws and business practices in Japan. 

Whenever you need assistance with daily matters such as attendance management, redundancies-making, remuneration, SSKC guides you through it whilst keeping you safe in the eye of the law.

SSKC is teaming up with ICSLearn to converge expertise